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June 12 2015

Debunking Disorganization

If you have a desire to get organized, even a fleeting wish, don’t let anything stop you. As I’ve heard time and again from clients, they had no idea how much better they would feel after getting rid of clutter, making a better organized kitchen, cleaning the clothes off their closet floor, the list where disorganization can take over is endless!

Here are ways to counteract the typical, shall we say, “excuses,” to keeping disorganization a part of your daily living:

  1. “I’m used to being disorganized.”

Here’s what I say: But give yourself the opportunity to be organized,

October 02 2014

Move Managers Make it Happen

At Sort It Out Now, we provide essential move services that get your from your old home to your new one. A move manager makes that happen. Imagine having that sort of help during one of life’s most stressful times?

Here’s what we do specifically during each phase of the move:


We meet with you at your home for a comprehensive evaluation. We work with you to learn exactly what you need so that our plan of action will be specific and cover all the bases.

July 12 2014

Moving to a Smaller Space? How to Find New Homes for Your Many Books

There is a famous phrase, “books do furnish a room,” but what if you have too many? And are moving?

Too many books? I sense cringing. We all have love affairs with our books.

But look at it this way: If you have a cavernous home, or are moving into one, then by all means pack every book you own, even the big college texts, and tuck them lovingly into your private library stacks.

July 09 2014

How to Cut Down on Moving Boxes

Sort it Out Now’s Advice: Only pack items that are functional, nostalgic or beautiful.

It goes without saying that moving means decisions, from the big (what town?) to the little (should I take that pasta maker?).

Ironically, it’s often the little decisions that stymie us the most, often because our feelings are attached.

The process of packing can start to slow when we need to make choices about whether to bring something to a new home or get rid of it.