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August 03 2020
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Home Sweet Home Office

If you found yourself suddenly working from home, perhaps you jumped right into the work without thinking much about organizing your workspace. An organized work area, however, is a key ingredient to increased efficiency and productivity.

Working from Home During COVID-19

Working from home has never been more popular – or necessary. Many businesses have transitioned their employees to remote workstations, i.e., the home office. An estimated 56% of the US workforce holds a job that is compatible with remote work.

February 23 2015

Why You Should Be Professionally Organized

Right about now, everyone who has made that big promise to themselves of finally getting organized, is realizing they’re still not organized. #NewYearsResolutions

But it’s okay. It’s very understandable, and this is coming from a professional organizer who works with people who are so stressed out with their situations that being organized gives them a new lease on life.

Here are some big reasons why regular people and regular businesses need to take a step back and admit they could use a hand:

  1. Who has the time to tackle a big project?
March 24 2014

Home Office Organizing You Can Live With

One of the biggest challenges in working from home is creating a home office space that works well for you. Moving stacks from one place to another, piling boxes in corners, or trying to fit everything in can be a challenge. Getting creative with your solutions can offer you the home office organization you need to stay on track.

Location, Location, Location
Just as if you were looking for office space outside the house,