Take Command with a Family Command Center

September 14 2018
cork, white and chalk boards create a family command center


School bells will soon be ringing, and with them the hectic pace that a new school year brings. Mounds of paper will flood backpacks, schedules will be bloated with sports, music lessons, school fundraisers and so much more. Don’t wait for the chaos to take over. Take control with a Family Command Center.
A few simple ideas will get your Family Command Center up and running in no time.

  1. Choose the right spot in your home. It should be where everyone in the household will see it on a regular basis and have easy access to it. The kitchen, entryway or family room may work well.
  2. Include a communications board and a calendar. A chalkboard for sharing family messages or a bulletin board where notes can be tacked are good options. A whiteboard calendar makes it easy to document all events and make changes when necessary.
  3. Wall-mounted organizing bins or pocket folders labeled with each family member’s name will keep papers neat and easy to find.
  4. Hooks for keys and a charging station for electronic devices keeps essentials in one place.

Decide how the Family Command Center will be used and add or subtract the features that will make it useful and user-friendly for everyone in the family. For instance, will it be used for sorting mail or storing takeout menus? Once you decide, have fun with colors and textures to make your Family Command Center uniquely your own.

If you want to create a Family Command Center in your home, Sort It Out Boston can help. Contact us today!