The Emotional Side of Downsizing Seniors

March 02 2016

For many seniors, downsizing is a very sensitive topic. Imagine having to let go of many of the belongings that you’ve been surrounded by for years? Plus, moving from a home that you’ve come to know and love? It’s a difficult process and one that should not be taken lightly. Here are some ways to ease the process:

  • Hire a move manager who specializes in Senior Moves. I put this first because I really cannot imagine moving a senior parent or loved one from their home without the help of a compassionate third party. I do this for a living and have dealt with all kinds of family situations. I once spent several days describing each piece of jewelry and clothing to a visually impaired client so she could make her own, well-informed decision about what items she would keep, give to family and friends or donate to a charity. I adore what I do.
  • Respect is an important element of downsizing. Over the years, I’ve seen how special memories are often attached to simple objects, things we don’t think are important at first glance, so be sure your elderly parent feels involved in the decision-making process of what to keep, give away to friends and family, donate or recycle.
  • Communication is important. I always identify a client’s goals first and find out what kind of new living space the elderly loved one will be moving into. Will there be storage? Will there be a personal kitchen? Talking to my clients first makes the process smooth.
  • When working with an elderly client, we pace ourselves and set goals that are attainable, both work-wise and emotionally.

Are you downsizing an elderly loved one soon? Give a call to find out more about  Sort It Out and how we’re highly respected in our field. Call (617) 332-7500 or email me:

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