On the Move Again with the Tiny House

July 19 2018
tiny house

The calendar said spring, but Mother Nature disagreed. On the day scheduled to move the tiny house to its new location, snow was falling.  The assembled crew paid no mind to the weather and worked through the snowflakes to get the job done.

We assisted in moving this tiny house before so we were familiar with the process that lay ahead. A tiny house has special considerations like connections for water and electricity, among a host of other details. Everyone on the assembled team went straight to work completing each task with skilled precision.

True to Sort It Out hallmark services, before photos were taken before packing up the contents of the house. This ensures that each and every item is placed exactly where it belongs once settled in its new location.

The tiny house was nestled between the trees in what was essentially someone’s back yard. This video shows just how narrow the space was to navigate. Schlager’s Towing once again provided expert handling in this most unusual circumstance.

When the tiny house was first delivered to the backyard location, the crew was met with muddy earth. That created a challenge to stabilize the house and secure its many connections. This time around, the house was situated on a perfectly hard slab of cement. Ensuring that the house was level took mere moments in comparison to its muddy previous locale. And with before photos as a guide, arranging the contents of the house was a breeze as well.

This tiny house is a rock star in its new neighborhood. Curious onlookers strolled over or drove slowly by the site and took pictures of this strange new structure. Looks like the tiny house is settled in for a while, but if moves again, we’ll be ready!