Tips From Professional Home Organizers: How to Declutter Your Home

March 31 2014

As professional home organizers, we have seen every imaginable challenge when it comes to decluttering and organizing a home or office. What we have learned is that the biggest hurdle that most people have when they want to get organized is finally letting go of things that they no longer need or use.

There are usually two things that stop us when we are trying to declutter a space.

First, we worry about losing something important to us, like an heirloom or a necessary file, as we start purging items.  Similarly, we worry that we might need something someday in the future, getting caught in endless “what if” questions.

The second thing that often stops us from decluttering is worrying about hurting the feelings of friends or family by getting rid of the things that were a gift or a memento from a family event.

The fact is that there are many things that we do need to keep because there are important for our daily lives, but often we are paralyzed by these types of worries and can never move forward to getting organized.

Here are some tips from our professional home organizers to help move you through this tough step of decluttering your space:

1. Keep Things of Value

This means that you keep things that hold value to you and your family.  Everything in your home should bring function, like your well-loved kitchen mixer, or beauty, like your favorite framed photograph. Of course, this also includes important documents and paperwork and your favorite outfits in your closet. Yet, it also means that some of things in your home, even if they are gifts or family heirlooms, can be sold or donated.

2. One Person’s Trash

We all know the line about how person’s trash can be another person’s treasure, yet it is also true that getting rid of our trash creates space for our own treasure. Always remember that when you are willing to purge things you can immediately create space for the things that truly matter to you like those things that you love and that bring function and beauty to your home.

3. Try a Time Capsule

If you are really struggling with getting rid of items in your home, fill a box with things you think you MIGHT be able to donate or trash and mark the box with a date in six months or a year, creating your own personal time capsule. Then, put the box away and if the date come around and you have not needed the items in the box, it is a good bet that you can let them go.  This trick works wonders with things like kid’s toys or craft projects.

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