This Weekend’s Goal: Tidy Thy Nightstand ZZZ

October 20 2014
Tidy nightable = good night's rest
Tidy nightable = good night’s rest

Life seems to gather itself on people’s nightstands.

We’ve got the lip balm, the box of tissues, those all-important items called “devices,” the hair bands, the book(s), the lamp, a flashlight, a stray pen or two and (gasp) a folder from work.

And that’s not including the alarm clock, an occasional Happy Meal toy, a single favorite glove that needs a match, a water bottle, reading glasses, TV remote, old magazines. A small pile of laundry (socks?) that needs putting away.

Does this sound about right?

For busy people, the nightstand (or bed table) is not something we even think to tidy because the only time we really notice it is at bedtime, when we’re tired.

However, if yours could use a little organizing, block out some time for yourself on the weekend so that you can plop into bed at night and not sigh at the mess next to your sleepy head.…

Here’s how:

  • As for those devices, give them a new home: Consider adding a power strip inside a drawer so that they’re “out of sight, out of mind” at sleepytime yet getting charged. How to remember they’re in there in the morning? Take them out when you get up. Or, at the very least, open the drawer and keep it open.
  • For those little items: Use a serving tray to keep small items neatly corralled. This smart trick is also handy in other areas of the house. Stores like Homegoods often have nice solutions.
  • Use a simple coaster for either your glass or water bottle for the simple reason that it looks less messy. Less messy = better rest. LINK
  • Find serenity: Choose something for your nightstand that evokes a good feeling. A photograph of a favorite vacation? A framed piece of artwork? Anything that reminds you of the over-arching beauty of life. Switch it up every so often.
  • Do you own a giant alarm clock that takes up a lot of space? Downsizing will free up some room.
  • Interestingly, certain pieces of office furniture can offer a great solution for a nightstand. With tons of storage room – you might have to stack inside – most former office drawer spaces are simple enough to transform into your own piece. (Drape pretty fabric.)
  • So how about that occasional stack of laundry that gets dumped? If there is absolutely no time to put something in its proper place (and let’s face it, time is often crunched), use a pretty catch-all, such as a basket with a lid, next to your bedtable and place items that need a better home there. In the evenings, take a few minutes to empty that basket. You’ll sleep better…
  • Are you on Pinterest? Check out this board for more great ideas:
  • Does your home need some help with organizing in general? Email Pat for any questions! She’s amazing at what she does!

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