Why You Should Be Professionally Organized

February 23 2015

Right about now, everyone who has made that big promise to themselves of finally getting organized, is realizing they’re still not organized. #NewYearsResolutions

But it’s okay. It’s very understandable, and this is coming from a professional organizer who works with people who are so stressed out with their situations that being organized gives them a new lease on life.

Here are some big reasons why regular people and regular businesses need to take a step back and admit they could use a hand:

  1. Who has the time to tackle a big project? Not many. We’re running businesses, raising families and living our lives. Time to change your oil? Go grocery shopping? Make cupcakes for school? The details of life are more than enough for one person. Then if you add on a huge project such as organizing a business bill system? Getting ducks in order before a move? A kitchen pantry or laundry room or basement or garage gone awry? Never mind a simple task like organizing a mud room. It’s too much, and it needs a professional’s love.
  2. Where did we put those spring decorations? Winter is still very much a part of Boston now, but the calendar tells us spring is right around the corner. If your seasonal decorations are “shoved somewhere” instead of organized, let us help. It’s super easy for a pro to come and work through what you have. At Sort It Out Now, I pride myself on being super easy to work with (read my testimonials!) and pleasant, to boot! All that, plus my organizing skills – we can work together or I can work alone with notes.
  3. Are you utilizing a pricey self-storage unit for your business? If you need to go through folders in a self-storage unit to figure out taxes, it’s time to call the professional organizer. Your time will be well spent – you’ll need to be on hand for us to weed out what should stay and what should go, then after that, I can do the rest. Being organized by a professional is a stress-relieving necessity. Imagine having client records easily found?
  4. Are you utilizing a pricey self-storage unit for your home’s overflow? An organizer can help you weed through what’s there and decide what should be thrown away. Imagine not paying that self-storage bill every month?

If you have been meaning to get organized, call or send me an email and let me know what you need help with. I’m Pat Bernabei, and I love my job!

My phone: 978-332-7500

My email: pat@sortitoutboston.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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